10897130_870090833053455_387499959905302284_n1I am fighting on behalf of my constituents and all of Colorado for a stronger, more secure middle class and an economy that works for all.

Below are the bills I’ve introduced in the 2016 session.”


Legalizing Rain Barrels (HB16-1005)

Allows residents of Colorado to use two 55 gallon rain barrels to collect rainwater from homes for outdoor use, which is currently illegal. This bill will help promote water conservation and lead to less drinking water being used on lawns and gardens.

Status: Signed into law.


Equal Pay 

Equal Pay in State Contracts Act (HB16-1001)

This bill will require businesses that compete for a state contract to certify that their employees earn equal pay for equal work. State government should lead by example and make sure that businesses that receive state contracts pay women and Coloradans of color the same pay for performing the same work.

Status:  Calendared for House Business Affairs and Labor Committee on 3/15/16.

HB16-1156: Extending Pay Transparency Protection to All Employees

Currently state law prohibits certain classes of employees from discussing their salaries at work. This bill would extend pay transparency protection to all employees who wish to discuss their wages with each other.

Status:  Calendared for House Business Affairs and Labor on 3/22/16.


Shining a Light on Wage Theft

Wage Theft Transparency Act (HB16-1347)

Because of an obsolete law, the state is not permitted to release information about employers who are caught breaking wage theft laws and cheating employees out of their pay. This bill will end the classification of wage theft as a “trade secret” and create transparency for the public and job-seekers about bad actors who have broken the law.

Status: Introduced in the House.


Paid Sick Leave

Employee-earned Paid Sick Leave (SB16-114)

This bill would have required all employers in Colorado to provide paid sick leave to their employees, which means a healthier work force and work environment.

Status: Postponed indefinitely in Senate State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee.


Protecting Senior Citizens

Fighting Elder Abuse (HB16-1027)

This year, I am continuing the fight to reduce elder abuse in Colorado. My bill would allow videotaped depositions to be used in court, which would help prosecutors bring perpetrators to justice.

Status:  Passed House second reading on 3/7/16.


Helping Veterans Get Jobs

Professional Licensing for Military Veterans (SB16-134)

This bill will require the the state to count a veteran’s training and experiences  certification as emergency service providers and for commercial drivers licenses.

Status: Assigned to Senate Labor, Business, and Technology Committee.


Supporting Rural Colorado

Sunset Rural Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment Program (HB16-1168)

This bill extends the rural alcohol and substance abuse treatment programs until September 1, 2025. These programs have been successful in treating addiction and engaging with youth.

Status: Passed out of the House, Senate Second Reading scheduled for 3/14/16.