Legalizing Rain Barrels (HB16-1005)

Allows residents of Colorado to use two 55 gallon rain barrels to collect rainwater from homes for outdoor use, which is currently illegal. This bill will help promote water conservation and lead to less drinking water being used on lawns and gardens.

Public Utilities Alternative Fuel Motor Vehicles (HB17-1232)

Colorado law prohibits investor owned utilities from investing in alternative fuel vehicle infrastructure. This prohibition is a barrier to the buildout of charging and alternative fueling infrastructure across Colorado. This bill will lift this prohibition.

Equal pay

Extending Pay Transparency Protection to All Employees (HB17-1269)

Currently state law prohibits certain classes of employees from discussing their salaries at work. This bill would extend pay transparency protection to all employees who wish to discuss their wages with each other.

Shining a Light on Wage Theft

Wage Theft Transparency Act (HB17-1021)

Because of an obsolete law, the state is not permitted to release information about employers who are caught breaking wage theft laws and cheating employees out of their pay. This bill will end the classification of wage theft as a “trade secret” and create transparency for the public and job-seekers about bad actors who have broken the law.

Protecting Children from Predators

Child Sex Assault Pattern Offense Place of Trial (HB17-1109)

This bill prosecutes in one jurisdiction a person who has committed multiple sexual assaults on a child in different jurisdictions.

College Credit for Military Education and Training (HB17-1004)

This bill will help veterans turn their service, military education and training into college credit.

Income Tax Deduction for Military Retirement Benefits (SB17-075)

This bill creates an additional deduction under which a person of any age may deduct a percentage of military retirement benefits from his or her state income tax.

Complete the Fallen Heroes Memorial Commission (SB17-122)

Completing the Fallen Heroes Memorial will honor those who have served and sacrificed for our nation. This bill does away with some governmental bureaucratic red tape and allows people who have worked so hard on this memorial to complete their work.

Supporting Our Veterans

Protecting Senior Citizens

Protecting Seniors from Financial Abuse (HB17-1253)

This law helps financial planners identify and stop the financial abuse of Colorado seniors.

Supporting Colorado Families

Increase Access to Affordable Child Care (SB17-110)

This bill expands access to legal child care options for families, especially in child care deserts. It will provide clearer guidelines for families and caregivers regarding what is considered legal child care.


Improve Medicaid Client Correspondence (SB17-121)

This bill will stop Medicaid from sending inaccurate, contradictory or misleading communications that result in the unnecessary termination of critical health care benefits.

Patient Choice Healthcare Provider (HB17-1247)

When it comes to selecting your healthcare provider, the patient should make that choice, and not the insurance companies. This bill will increase patient choice in healthcare.

Breast Density Notification Required (SB17-110)

Early detection can save lives in the fight against breast cancer. This bill requires notification to a patient regarding the patient’s breast tissue classification in a mammography report.

Supporting the Colorado School of Mines

Enhance Student Support Colorado School of Mines Fee-for-Service Funds (HB17-1140)

This bill allows the Colorado School of Mines to use resources for student support services to increase graduation rates.