Governor Signs Danielson Bill to Help Deaf, Blind and Hard-of-Hearing Coloradans

(May 1) – Gov. John Hickenlooper today signed Rep. Jessie Danielson’s bill  to continue providing critical services for deaf, hard of hearing and deaf blind Coloradans. SB15-178, sponsored in the state senate by Sen. Linda Newell, continues the Colorado Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing until 2024. The commission provides services to Colorado’s deaf and blind community and to state departments like the Department of Education for deaf and hard of hearing students.

“This commission provides important services so that Coloradans who are deaf, blind and hard of hearing can lead full and independent lives,” said Rep. Danielson. “A coalition of caring and compassionate Coloradans came together and worked hard to help ensure Colorado will continue to provide these critical services, and we should be thankful to them.”

The bill is the first of Rep. Danielson’s to be signed into law.

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