Danielson: Working for You in 2016

By Rep. Jessie Danielson

Happy New Year! I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday season. Another legislative session began on January 13th. As the 2016 session begins at the Capitol, I am excited and ready to work for you in the coming months. My priority is investing in the long term prosperity of our state, and pushing measures that will level the playing field for hard working Coloradans. Here is an overview of the bills I am carrying that will promote our Colorado way of life:

Equal Pay for Equal Work. In order to grow our economy , we need to make sure that men and women earn equal pay for the same work. One of my bills will require any business that has a state contract to show it is paying its employees fairly. Our taxpayer dollars should go to businesses that pay men and women equal pay for equal work.

Protecting Senior Citizens. This year I will continue my work to fight elder abuse. I have a bill that will allow videotaped depositions to be used in court, which will help prosecutors bring perpetrators to justice.

Rain Barrels. Preserving our Colorado way of life means protecting our beautiful land and water for future generations. One of my bills would make it easy to conserve water by allowing you to collect rain water from your roofs into rain barrels so you can water your garden. My bill would make it legal to catch some of the rain that flows from your gutter and use it on your gardens. That cuts down on the amount of drinking water we consume.

Jobs for Veterans. I am also working on a bill that will help veterans transition into the workforce. It will make sure that the skills and education a vet gained while in the service are considered as qualifications when receiving a license, certificate or registration from the state.

Wage Theft Transparency. Right now, it is illegal for the state to disclose that a company has cheated their workers out of pay, all because a 100-year-old law defines such wage theft as a “trade secret.” I think that is wrong. My Wage Theft Transparency Act will put a stop to this and shine a light on bad actors who are violating wage theft laws.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. I am honored and humbled to represent House District 24. Please call my office with your thoughts, concerns or problems. I want to make sure state government is working for you.

State Representative Jessie Danielson serves HD-24, in north-central Jefferson County. To reach Rep. Danielson, call 303-866-5522 or visit jessiedanielson.com for information her about upcoming town halls and other local community events.

op-edRachel Caine