Jessie Danielson Announces Candidacy for State Senate

Dear Friends,

I am excited to write to you today announcing my candidacy for the Colorado State Senate, District 20. Starting today, I am building my team and I hope you will become a part of it.

Serving Jeffco in the State House has been a tremendous honor – and I am proud to have passed laws that are protecting vulnerable seniors, advancing equal pay, looking out for veterans, protecting our environment, and helping Colorado families get a fair shake when the odds are often stacked against us. 

With your help, I will go to the State Senate and continue fighting for a better future – by empowering hard-working Coloradans who want to send their kids to great public schools and build a secure future for their families.

Whether it’s legalizing rain barrels or making child care more affordable, I have passed common sense laws focused on helping make day-to-day life a little easier for regular people. Just this year I passed the Wage Theft Transparency Act, which will shine a light on employers caught cheating workers out of their pay.

In the State Senate, I will continue to uphold the Colorado values that make our state a better place to live. The chaos in Washington shows that it’s up to us – here in the states – to stand up to powerful special interests and protect what makes Colorado unique. As state senator, I will never stop fighting for Colorado, for Jeffco and for you. 

With your support, I will continue to work on behalf of my constituents and all of Colorado for a stronger, more secure middle class and an economy that works for everyone. Thank you. 

Jessie Danielson
State Representative
Speaker Pro Tem

Rachel Caine